Mermaid Love Blog Hop

Hey y’all,

I’m thrilled to be part of the Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog Hop. Be sure to check out all the other participating authors here:

It’s FINALLY summer in my little corner of the world and I’m all about mermaids.

My mermaid novella, An Officer and a Mermaid, launches on July 21. It’s part of the Falling In Deep Collection and I can’t wait for y’all to read it along with the fourteen other novellas by award-winning, best-selling authors. I’ve read several of the stories already and they are ROCKING FANTASTIC.

Here’s a short excerpt. If you can’t wait until July for more (which I *really* hope is the case), I’d love to have you on my street team, Blaire’s Belle’s. Once you join, you can read the whole first chapter. Blaire’s Belles get first peeks at covers, excerpts and cool exclusive contests and prizes.  Join us here:

And now for a sneak peek at An Officer and a Mermaid


2015, Somewhere in the Caribbean

This was drowning.

He’d always wondered what it felt like.

All those classes, first as a lifeguard and then as a Coast Guard Officer. Hours and hours of facts and figures. Strategies and advice. The bulk of his life spent on or near the water and he’d had no idea.

The training had all been bullshit.

The instinct to breathe was stronger than anything Dylan had ever felt. It was a desperation beyond words. His brain was in overload, the primitive part of it screaming at him to breathe. Demanding oxygen.

He fought the urge because he knew one breath would seal his fate. If it wasn’t sealed already.

Eighty-seven lousy seconds. One minute and twenty-seven seconds. No matter how it was sliced, that’s what the experts said. In eighty-eight seconds, the brain switched to auto-pilot and forced a person to inhale whether it was in the best interest of the attached body or not.

Everything boiled down to less than a minute and a half.


If you’d like to read An Officer and A Mermaid, it’s only $0.99 on preroder and it will be sent to your KIndle on July 21, 2015. Here’s the link:

Thanks for checking out the blog hop and I hope you have a mermaid-filled summer!


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